Music Silhouette

Music Silhouette is a multi-disciplinary series of work that aims to portrait music visually. Therefor, language, video composition or capture the movements of active musicians is used.

Echo is a collage made out of a newspaper scan and cut textile on black paper. The Korean word 무 means „nothing“ and phonetically reads as „Mu“ so that the German word „Musik“ appears to the reader.

Echo, 2020

Die Spielerin is a video work that shows a piano player in action. The structure of the video builds up like a song.

Die Spielerin, Video Installation 2019

The Movement Videos are still videos that show the movements of musicians playing their instruments.

Lorina Movement, 2019 (Video Still)
Domenica Movement, 2019 (Video Still)
Guitar Hands Movement, 2020 (Video Still)
Visual Song, 2020 (Video Still)