Lorina Speder


Upcoming / News

March 2020: Tour with Present Square as opening band of shows in Italy from former CAN singer Damo Suzuki and his Network

April 2020: Group Exhibition Real, Symbolic, Imaginary – A research trip to North Korea at Diskurs Berlin


Lorina Speder is an artist, musician and freelance writer who was born in West-Berlin in 1988. She studied Jazz Guitar and Piano at Siena Jazz Academy and German Literature and Art History at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Her artistic work is her approach to reflect on the self, her every day surroundings and the identity of unknown places. While traveling she explores and researches the communication, language and social constructs and produces videos, drawings, collages, lyrics, music and articles about her findings. In the past Speder went to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Russia and collaborated with artist Leiko Ikemura.

In 2017 Lorina Speder founded the Art Project Present Square with Milo Frielinghaus. She is the singer and guitarist of her band Present Square that is part of the Project.

Past Involvements / Events


  • Concert with Present Square at Wasserturm Kreuzberg
  • Published article in Der Tagesspiegel and TRAFFIC magazine about research trip to Russia